Watch Out PC Edition update v4.0.0

The newest major update is now available for Watch Out PC Edition.

Changes Made in V4.0.0:-

• Added the new logo
• Increased performance
• Fixed the stuck Credits Screen bug
• Fixed the broken tail light for the Hatchback car
• Reworked on the game's graphics
• Reworked on the driving physics
• Removed the Post Processing option
• Removed the Anti-Aliasing option
• Removed the Depth Of Field option
• Adjusted the background in the Main Menu
• Adjusted the Credits screen
• Adjusted the color of the Orange Cylinders
• Adjusted the color of the Hatchback car
• Adjusted the color of the Drift Beast car
• Adjusted the color of the Desert King car
• Adjusted the wheel size of the Diamond car


Watch Out PC Edition v4.0.0.rar 47 MB
Sep 03, 2018

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